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Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD.

CEO and Founder

Angel investor and serial entrepreneur, Alicia Castillo Holley. is taking Silicon Valley by storm tackling an issue that has been plaguing the business world for years, the gender funding gap.

Dr. Castillo Holley's solution is simple but powerful: equip female entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to get funded.

 “A one size fits all is not appropriate in funding, combining the different mechanisms is a much more viable and healthy alternative” – Castillo Holley claims.

A scientist raised in a socialist country, Dr. Castillo Holley discovered entrepreneurship at 34, when she received the Travieso fellowship to attend Babson College, leaving her country with 5 boxes and 2 children. Since then, she has started nine companies and two non-for-profits, playing a pivotal role in the development of the Entrepreneurial Curriculum and the Venture Capital Industry in Chile, where she lived between 1996 and 2002. In addition, she has consulted, mentored, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide, is a prolific author and speaker, and pushes academic institutions to reinvent business education. As an Angel Investor, she has supported over a dozen companies, mostly in Silicon Valley.

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Women entrepreneurs can drastically improve their chances of getting funded if they are better prepared. Investors don’t back gender, they back talent, and watching entrepreneurs who are unprepared is a waste of time and it is painful. I want more women to have the funds they need but they have to be prepared. Nobody should think that discrimination is dictating their chances to get funded. With so much visibility about closing the gap between men and women at all levels, chances are that women who are better prepared will be also more visible." explains Dr. Castillo Holley.

Jacqueline Steenhuis, PhD.

Business Developer

Jacqueline discovered a passion for branding, marketing and personal development when she took time away from her career in science to stay home with her kids. During this time she helped small businesses and entrepreneurs clarify their vision, create their brands, and align their marketing strategy to be positioned for growth and new opportunities.

In order to develop and execute strategic solutions to problems she used her ability to assimilate and evaluate key information, research effectively, listen with empathy and understand the differentiating features of her clients needs. She loves learning new things, solving problems in new and creative ways, and is always open to new ways of doing things as long as the measurable results show success.

She uses her genuine curiosity in people, the appreciation for the incredible diversity in people’s talents, and her passion for research and learning to help women, especially mothers, build exceptional brands even if they took time out. Women are game changers and visionaries. She helps them clarify their purpose and vision.

Our Mentors

Wei Li
A senior finance executive with extensive experience in US and China. Large MNC to NASDAQ. M&A transactions, fund raising, full cycle of finance operation.  e-commerce, Enterprise Software, Consumer Electronics, and Venture Capital.
Sony Ericsson

Monique Lambert
Ethnographer, engineer, intrapreneur: healthcare and semiconductor industries.
User-centered design of enterprise and consumer IT products and services.

Harper Cheng
 Hardware system integrator, power system design engineer, Mac engineering. Real Estate Investor.
Renesas Electronics
Marvell Semiconductor

Ann Minooka
Brand strategy, product positioning, marketing and communication strategist, investor relations, crisis/reputation management.
LSI Corporation
 Synaptics Inc
 Cypress Semiconductor

Jyoti Black
Radio hardware and software prototypes. Technology, product building, developing partnerships, scaling systems, and forming diverse teams.

Abha Singhvi
Hands-on executive, operations specialist. Lead development, building client relationship, negotiation and closing deals. Experienced in hiring, training and developing talent. diverse teams.
Santa Clara University

Diane Palmer
Veteran in consumer tech industry. Deep knowledge of system-level product development and manufacturing. Defining and delivering enterprise-level products.  Management of portfolios, programs and projects.
Extensive overseas business  experience – knowledge of Asian and European customs and protocols.
Amazon Lab 126

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