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Motherhood, entrepreneurship and funding create a marvelous and usually unexplored synergy. Join us on this refreshing and short conversation.

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As a former entrepreneur and single mother, I can’t think of a better career option for women. Especially for ambitious women who want to have the flexibility to control their schedule and the power to get the rewards they deserved.

This mini AMA session will be held all the way from Hawaii, when I’m enjoying a vacation with my two children and their family.  We all survived motherhood, with enthusiasm, great life lessons and street-smarts wisdom.  You might get to talk to my kids too. One a full blown entrepreneur and the other a business developer. And you might take a peek to any of my grandkids.

I owe this session to Adimika, who contacted me to ask specific questions about fund raising and motherhood. Kudos to her!

Regardless of the debate on access to capital, data indicates that women do not get funded. Many people want to change these numbers, I am one of them. There might be many reasons why women are not getting funded, but there is ONE CLEAR ACTION that will definitely make a difference: EDUCATION.

Whether you are looking for funds from family and friends, banks, crowdfunding, angels, or the many many ways to fund a business, come to get answers.

There are MANY women that get FUNDED, not because of gender but because of preparation. 

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NEVER NEVER NEVER let anyone tell you that

“you can’t get funded”