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The Women Get Funded program has been developed by Dr. Alicia Castillo Holley, an international expert in creating wealth. Serial Entrepreneur, Seasoned Board Member, Silicon Valley Angel Investor, International Consultant and Speaker, and PhD in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Castillo Holley combines street-smarts with data-driven solutions. Funny, witty, and passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture capital, she inspires individuals to be actors and not spectators of their lives. She also has one of the coolest activities: Angel Investing!

Tired of the narrative about women’s lack of access to capital, Castillo Holley realized that to have an impact, she needed to provide training – not coaching – at a large scale.

“Think about it-says the investor-you can learn pretty much anything online these days, but you are still behind those who have mastered how to do it. You can take years to craft your own process, or you can learn from the best and fast track your process. Exactly in the same way that you get educated.”

Education is not expensive, ignorance is

There are millions of women getting the funds they need, because they know HOW. We investors don’t invest in gender, we invest in talent.

Alicia Castillo HolleyPhD

Castillo Holley’s career started as a young scientist and professor on Agronomy before becoming involved in product development for a Bayer-Shell joint venture and eventually turning into an entrepreneur and angel investor.

As an entrepreneur, she has started twelve companies -successfully exiting from five of them- and two non-profits. She played a pivotal role in the Development for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and the Venture Capital Industry in Chile, where she lived between 1996 and 2002, and started Chile’s first Center for Entrepreneurship at the Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, and later Chile’s first Seed Capital Fund: Capital Semilla.

She has also trained, consulted, mentored, or coached hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide and pushes academic institutions to reinvent business education.

Castillo Holley has served as a panel member of several international business plan competitions, including watermarkWRI, EndeavorBabson College, and Western Australia’s Inventor of the Year. She is also a prolific author and speaker, published academic, and reviewer for several academic conferences and journals on entrepreneurship. She is the mastermind behind the Wealthing(R) method for socioeconomic development.

And, she has studied A LOT: Agronomy Engineer – Valedictorian, Magister Scientiarum – Magna Cum Laude, Universidad Central de Venezuela; Master on Business Administration – A Travieso Fellowship, Babson College; Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Western Australia. Board Training Graduate, Australian Institute of Corporate Directors.

A more detailed bio, including companies she has invested in, can be found on her LinkedIn page, or her personal page

Philanthropically, she supports organizations that foster education, social entrepreneurship and prevent and turn domestic violence into harmony. And, since 2016, supports a senior center in Venezuela – her home country, and co-founded BoxofLife, a non-profit to send relief boxes of food, medicine, and clothing to Venezuela. A global trotter, she has visited over 100 countries and lived in Venezuela, Chile, Australia, Denmark, Switzerland, and the US (Chautauqua-NY, Wellesley-MA, Houston-TX, Menlo Park-CA).

As a speaker, she has been invited to prestigious institutions worldwide such as Stanford University (USA), Babson College (USA), Rice University (USA), Santa Clara University (USA), Aarhus University (Denmark), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Tec de Monterrey (Mexico), Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (Saudi Arabia), Effat University (Saudi Arabia), Arabian Gulf University (Bahrain), Induexpo (Latin America), Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Chile), Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela), Universidad Federico Santa Maria (Chile), Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala) as well as many private companies, and forums, which, given her age, would take too long to list.

To book Dr Castillo Holley as a speaker, please contact Jacqueline Steenhuis at Jacqueline (a)

Funding is one of her many passions

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