“If you think companies can only grow but being laser-focused on creating value for its shareholder or clients, come to expand your horizons...
DATE: April 16th, 2019 6pm PST (streamlined on zoom)
Matt and Anita Perez

Everybody wins

Join us on this fascinating conversation with Matt and Anita Perez to talk about Matt's journey and their interest in supporting Women Get Funded.

Matt is Co-founder of Nearsoft, a super cool company that works with software product companies to grow their development teams with engineers in Mexico.

Nearsoft is one of the best companies in software development because of the way they manage their HUMAN relationships. Matt's successes and failures helped shaped the company's philosophy around its people. 

Alicia Castillo Holley, Moderator

Matt and Anita Perez have been great supporters of Women Get Funded.

Join us to understand how we are changing the narrative and giving back control over the funding process and returning the internal locus of control in the midst of the negative narrative about women's access to funding.

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