Women Get Funded's
Micro Learning courses

Crafting Your Funding Strategy

For BUSY Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who want to take charge of their funding NOW

Small bits of information - 10 mins a day or less

Designed for people who are
busy and on the go,
micro-learning reshapes our minds with snippets
that are quick and easy
to understand and put into practice.

Quirky, informative, provocative.
Mini-chunks that will reshape your funding journey,
one bite at a time...
Crafting a Funding Strategy

In this Micro Learning course participants will learn one step of the Funding Strategy per day. 

This course is 10 days long.

1. Define your passion-based vision.

2. Outline how will you measure success.

3. Identify the team.

4. Define needs for funding resources.

5. Clearly define the current stage of your organization.

6. Select the ideal source of funding.

7. Prepare a funding proposal.

8. Customize the message.

9. Start, test, improve, grow your list.

10. Diligence, Closing the deal, and opening the door

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Each Micro Learning Course Uses NLP to get our message across...
whether you learn by doing, seeing or listening -We've got you covered!

How does the Micro Learning work?

Each course lasts 5 to 10 days

One email a day with: minivideo (5 min or less), reading (5 min or less), reflection exercise (take your time)

Micro Video


Take Away

I always thought I had to get into debt myself, with this program, I learned to use many other ways to get funded, this is a valuable concept in an environment when most entrepreneurs opt to go for pre-seed funding in California.
Update: I've managed to fund my company, and I'm turning a book into a movie!
Conchita Ferri  - Caroami - California

This is the missing piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle, the perfect complement to Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Startup books. It’s quite refreshing because quite often you read all about how someone was awesome and their ‘glory days’ type stories rather than ‘I made a mistake once, here’s what you can do to avoid it in case you’re making that same mistake too’.

Angela Han - SharpGrowth - Australia
Evaluar las necesidades de financiamiento para mis próximos seis meses y reducir mis costos por etapas, me ayudó a generar una mejor planificación.
"I was able to create an actionable plan in stages. The coaching sessions and support from all over the world is priceless"
Yurani Sandoval - Single Parent Power - Washington, DC

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