Are you Funding SHY?
Do you want to overcome Founder's $$$ block?
I'm a Silicon Valley Angel Investor and last year I saw over 100 women entrepreneurs suffer from Founder's $ block. I wished I could spend more time mentoring them but this requires a full immersive training.

 I'm inviting FEW women entrepreneurs to a workshop to OWN YOUR NUMBERS!

A transformational 3 hrs workshop in Palo Alto,  on January 30th, 1-4pm. 
You've probably spent thousands of hours on your business plan yet... 
Everytime you have to answer questions about your numbers you get funder's block...
  1. A knot in your throat
  2. An uncomfortable silence
  3. A sense of slight incompetence (specially damaging because you know your stuff!)
  4. A feeling of losing the interest of a potential investor
  5. Self-doubt that lingers long after the conversation
But there's a lot more to it
As an investor, watching unprepared and disempowered entrepreneurs is painful, but worse even, you only get a short first time to make a first impression.

Not being able to have a professional conversation about your funding needs, limits your credibility and might impact your chances to get funded in the future

I’ve watched hundreds of driven, enthusiastic, passionate, well-prepared women pitch wonderful ideas only to be completely frozen when asked about “the deal”.

Their confidence skyrockets when they talk about the market needs, their solutions, and the issues they are solving. But their confidence takes a deep dive when they need to answer these key questions:  

  • How much money are you looking for,
  • what are you going to use it for, and
  • what do you want in exchange.

And they hit a wall, I've called it a Funder's $ block.

They are underprepared when it comes to defending their numbers, they feel intimidated by investors, and they miss basic negotiation skills that would take them from dreamers to doers. It is impossible to defend your funding needs if you don’t know how to validate your funding needs, and more so, how to justify your hard earned sweat equity

and you know why?

Because Business Plans are not enough to create SMART cash flow analysis
This is YOUR TIME to dive deep in a 3 hours workshop to master YOUR numbers!
The most popular class
I've been running the program Women Get Funded for three years now. This is the most popular class, and the one that gets most attention because it shows you: How you will spend your funds, how to design cash coming in, and how to organize your funding in steps so you don't dilute your equity.
You OWN your numbers
The reason why most entrepreneurs don't know how to do their cash flow is that they use a theoretical model from their business plan. 

Then, they can't really have a professional conversation about with the investors' language. 

When you OWN your numbers you NEVER feel disempowered. You might feel intimidated but you have the answers we need. 
So, you are CONFIDENT.
Evaluate alternatives
With the simulation you create in excel you will learn how to evaluate alternatives, break the funding process in manageable pieces, and master the spreadsheet so you can run different scenarios. 

You can speak with confidence about your options and you impress investors by understanding your numbers.

We make it very easy to understand, and use. 
Exercise strategic mindset
By bringing the power of numbers to your analysis, you learn to create the bridge between plans and execution. 
You will learn, for example, the impact on your cash flow, and your funding needs, of having pre-sales or different sales conditions.
Add unfunding options
Not every company needs Venture Capital Funds, but all companies need founders' funds. 

But there is more. Most entrepreneurs that come to Silicon Valley, miss out immense opportunities to get cash INTO the company and reduce their funding needs. 

By analyzing the way Cash comes IN, you become alert of these opportunities and the impact on your funding.
You already missed the early bird price,
​​​​​​​don't miss out on this one!
This is the only LIVE workshop I will carry in 2019 about the cash flow. Otherwise you will have to enroll in the online program. 
Here's who I am and why you should trust me...
Alicia Castillo Holley 
I'm a busy Angel Investor (a real one) and the flow of money has always intrigued me. Oh, yes, and I have a PhD in finance, after raising funds for years for my 12+ companies and non-profits... And I've invested in over 20 companies.... And I've managed a VC fund.... And I've invested in four VC funds...

I know what you've heard... Women don't have access to capital

  • People who say that have never really raised funds. They have tried, but instead of focusing on how to get funded, they are focusing on problems.

  • There are thousands of women getting funded, right here in Silicon Valley but also all over the world. I was one of them, when everyone told me I couldn't I did. I created Chile's first seed capital fund - not first Women-led capital fund, but the country's very first seed fund. And I did it because I did not listen to anyone telling me I couldn't do it. 

  • I have invested in over 10 deals in the last 3 years, almost half are lead by minorities. And women-led businesses are better led, and have higher returns. Yet we have some work to do about growth. 
So, learn how to OWN your numbers
If we want to change the number of women getting funded, we need to lift the bar, and transfer knowledge on how to get funds to the many women entrepreneurs with amazing businesses... not because of gender but because of talent. 

I can't give you the whole program in a half day workshop, but I can give you the most critical information to overcome your Founder's $ block so you can have a professional conversation with potential investors whilst in Silicon Valley.

A program for women by women

​​​​​​​You can learn everything I'm going to show you online, yet you will not learn how to create a cash flow by attending conferences or listening to entrepreneurs about their journey.

And you will get there faster in a workshop environment, with me an other mentors, a guided training, and in a community of driven women.
If you want to be on stage talking about your journey instead of listening about other's journey, you need to master your numbers
You can get there in few years, if you are driven and you do the work. I know because I've done it. It took me 13 months and a conversation with over 1000 potential investors in 1999, and I mastered the process. But I am not going to show you the process now, what I'm going to show you is
how to learn about your cash flow,

so you can determine how much money you need and why,

and you can answer questions smart investors ask

and you can ask questions about your business model 

so you can get FUNDED

Otherwise it is just like trying to have a conversation speaking a different language! 
And you don't have to just believe us, here are others that believe...
Here are some of the participants from our online course
Nobody, and in particular no women, should believe that gender has anything to do with her capacity to raise the funds she needs to create and run a high-impact company
Alicia Castillo Holley, SV Angel, PhD
Get ready for an immersive 3 hours workshop in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley
​​​​​​​January 30th, 1-4pm.

and afterwards, we can go a sip a glass of bubbly at Quattro :-) 
Own your Numbers Workshop
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​​​​​​​See you on the 30th!

Alicia Castillo Holley

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