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women entrepreneurs funding program

Welcome to the best Training Program for Women who want to access capital and resources.

Learn how to master your funding process, so you are empowered, excited, and energized instead of frustrated, concerned, and doubtful.

At a fraction of a live course in Silicon Valley, at your own pace, in the comfort of your space, with access to a community of investors and driven Women Entrepreneurs. Ten weeks of bite-size information, pre-recorded lectures, tables, checklists, coaching sessions, Q&A, videos. Whether you are a small business owner, starting up, or if you don’t want to miss out on how to fund your company.

No matter how big or small, old or young,  your company is, we will show you how to understand the needs of those making the decision to provide you with capital or resources, so you can get funded. You will learn to fine-tune your projections, adjust your expectations, tailor the message, and find the perfect fit for your unique circumstances.

Like in a real-life classroom, but in the intimacy of your space.

Not only you can learn, test, and improve, but you expand your network with like-minded women. You will learn everything you need to know about getting funds, even if you have never done it, or if you have failed before.

women entrepreneurs funding program

Module I. The Core Competencies

women entrepreneurs funding program

Lesson 1: Set the Intention and Confidence to get FUNDED

There is Nothing Inspiring about Thinking Small
Aligning Intention and Actions
Discovering Funding’s Deepest Secret
Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome
Keeping your Inner Locus of Control
The Funding FIT

Lesson 2: Learning the Language

Understanding Key Finance Concepts
The Five Costs Pillars
Demystifying Cash Flow,
Organizing a Roadmap to Break Funding into Chunks
Defining Funding Needs
Reducing Risks and Increasing Control
Keeping Score, so you are in Control

women entrepreneurs funding program

Module II: Unconventional Funding

women entrepreneurs funding program

Lesson 3: Unfunding, making funding needs disappear

Putting your Five Costs Pillars to Work
Conventional Unfunding Mechanisms
Unconventional Unfunding Mechanisms
Guerrilla Funding

Lesson 4: Leveraging the Power of Crowds

Pretotyping vs Minimum Viable Product
Creating Crowdfunding and Cryptocurrency Campaigns
Validating the Market
Pivoting or Adapting to Undiscovered Needs

women entrepreneurs funding program

Module III: Emotional Funding

women entrepreneurs funding program

Lesson 5: Founders, Family and Friends, that would still love you after they invest

Managing Family and Friends Expectations
Asking for Funds from People that Love YOU
Crafting an Elegant Way Out
Keeping Clear Expectations
Avoiding Emotional Battles
Establishing a Rewards Mechanism

Lesson 6: Short-term / Long-term investors

Angel Investors vs Equity Partners
Angels: An Irresistible Proposition, The Pitch
Angels: A Clear Exit in Mind
Angels: Respecting Time and Filtering Suggestions
The Five Stages of Angel Investing
Partners: Balancing Dividends and Future Growth
The Three Stages of Equity Partner Investing

women entrepreneurs funding program
women entrepreneurs funding program

Lesson 7: Venture or Vulture Capitalists

Demystifying Venture Capitalists
Balancing the Layers of Authority and Decision Making
Getting investor ready: the Deck
Sharing Control and Letting Go (and Probably Losing your Job)
Surfing the Waves of Industry Trends

Module IV: Leveraged Funding

Lesson 8: The Golden Secrets of Debt

Understanding Lending Criteria
Analyzing and Mitigating Risks
Leveraging Capital, Control, and Obligations
Networking with your Banker, a Local Ally
Debt in Trenches: Lines of Credit, Short or Long Term

women entrepreneurs funding program

Module V: Last Details

women entrepreneurs funding program

Lesson 9: Valuation and Negotiation with Ease

Five Ways to Calculate the Value of your Company
The Three-Tier Structure: Assets, Profits, Stock
Structuring a Deal
Facilitating the Negotiation Process
Practice Makes Perfect, smart Practice Makes Perfect Faster
Establishing Rapport
Managing Rejection and Disparate Suggestions (more often than what you think – especially if you are a woman)

Lesson 10: Crafting a Funding Strategy

Clarify your passion-based vision
Define needs and sources of funds
Select the ideal source of funding
Prepare a funding proposal
Customize the message
Start, test, improve

women entrepreneurs funding program

When you enroll in the Women Get Funded program, you get a lot more than education, you get access to a vetted network of individuals who want to fund or support individuals who are building great companies, you also establish a solid support group by peers who are sharing your journey, exchanging experiences and best practices and who want to get things done.

A program like this costs in the tens of thousands in Silicon Valley. We have streamlined the process without sacrificing on quality. If you are coming to raise funds in SV, you really need to take this program. BUT, you don’t have to come to SV to get the funds you need.

We can’t wait to have you here.  Let’s get you funded.

women entrepreneurs funding program
 Silver LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
An Extraordinary Value$2,181 for $499$3,232 for $1,399$5,577 for $2,399
Class Videos and Lecturers$500$500$500
Guides and Written Materials$337$337$337
Forms and Calculations$390$390$390
Group Coaching Session$180$180$180
Individual Coaching Sessionsno$350 (1)$1,045 (3)
Pitch Reviewno$700$700
Professional Video, Coaching and Critiquenono$1,650 (3 hrs)
Questions and AnswersPricelessPricelessPriceless
Network with Angel InvestorsPricelessPricelessPriceless
Women Get Funded Special Price$499$1,399$2,399
women entrepreneurs funding program

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% thrilled with this program you can ask for your money back. Just e-mail us to request a refund. You do need to take the course first, that’s the only condition. If you are not ready, wait. Some things take time.  I always say that you can’t take 9 women and a month and make a baby, you get it:-)

This program is for DOERS. If you are not willing to take action, don’t enroll. If you are really serious about getting the funds you need, here are few tips: Make this program work for you, take the course, do the exercises, ask questions, and participate.

You will be happy you stretched out of your comfort zone….and we will be so happy to have you join our 2018 cohort

Designed and run by Silicon Valley Angel Investor* and Finance Ph.D., Alicia Castillo Holley, an expert in theory and practice about getting funded.

*These are some of her investments: A3 Natomas Hospitality, Aligned Partners Fund, Angaza Design, Buoy Labs, Cargo Chief, Cirrus MD, Crowd Mics, Directory Systems, Interabang Entertainment, Liquid-2 Ventures, Magnetic Insights, e-Chromic Technologies, Fresco Capital, KromeStudio, MyLabBox, New Wave Foods, Peloton, Sandstone Diagnostics, Savioke, Shades&Highlights, Spinnakr, Teablossoms, Tivic Health.

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women entrepreneurs funding program

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