The Women Get Funded Programs
By Silicon Valley Angel Investors

Why LEARN to get FUNDED?

Get resources to PAY yourself properly 

Hire talented and experienced employees you can PAY

Create products and services of high quality and get PAID properly

Incorporate experience and contacts from the right INVESTORS if YOU want

Grow your companies to the level you WANT

Negotiate a proper VALUE for your company

Be RECOGNIZED as a leader and role model 

Pick and afford the BEST suppliers

INVEST in your community 

Choose your LEVEL
Key Concepts
Business Planning
Equity Funding
Debt Funding
Mini Videos
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Mentoring Sessions
1-Hr Session
Via Zoom
By Silicon Valley Investors

5 Modules - 10 sessions
26 Videos - 30min or less
208 Pages of Info
18 Checklists

Basic Concepts
These lessons are for individuals who want to understand the Key entrepreneurial concepts. All the videos are less than 4 minutes, and are designed for busy individuals in mind who are on-the-go and don't have time for a long lecture. 

If you like our videos, share them with like-minded individuals. 

Basic Concepts

Many people use abstract concepts without...

Business Plan

"if you don't know where you are going, any route is fine"

Equity Funding

Equity funding involves the exchange of funds for a ...

Debt Funding

Debt Funding works like a reality check, and it makes the value...


Unfunding is a very creative way of getting access to...

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