Women's biggest obstacle to success
as entrepreneurs or business owners,
is not gender,
it is lack of knowledge of the funding process.
Because of that, they tend to have smaller firms,
which is riskier, more time consuming, and less rewarding
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What Our Participants Say
I loved the lectures, the discussions, the guest speakers, doing the exercises, but what made a HUGE difference was a discovery of the Impostor Syndrome. I got rid of it, and my business skyrocketed.
Fe Bailey - Guaoo Creative Studio - Hawaii
This is a Program for Women, made by Women. We share common interests, opportunities, and challenges, and we can be very open about it. I love our mentoring sessions and the sense of community.
Maica Gil - Heroikka - US/Spain
I fully support this program, it takes the guessing out of the doing, and covers so many ways of funding. I am proud to be amongst the supporters of this program. 
Vanessa Del Acqua - Temperies - Argentina/USA
I always thought I had to get into debt myself, with this program, I learned to use many other ways to get funded, this is a valuable concept in an environment when most entrepreneurs opt to go for pre-seed funding in California.
Update: I've managed to fund my company, and I'm turning a book into a movie!
Conchita Ferri  - Caroami - California

This is the missing piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle, the perfect complement to Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Startup books. It’s quite refreshing because quite often you read all about how someone was awesome and their ‘glory days’ type stories rather than ‘I made a mistake once, here’s what you can do to avoid it in case you’re making that same mistake too’.

Angela Han - SharpGrowth - Australia
Evaluar las necesidades de financiamiento para mis próximos seis meses y reducir mis costos por etapas, me ayudó a generar una mejor planificación.
"I was able to create an actionable plan in stages. The coaching sessions and support from all over the world is priceless"
Yurani Sandoval - Single Parent Power - Washington, DC
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Listening to Alicia Castillo Holley from Women Get Funded, is a transformational experience. This extraordinary woman motivates and trains women entrepreneurs around the globe on how to gain access to capital, and in all aspects of finance and funding. One of the best piece of advice she gave me was this: “We tend to think that having a larger firm means working more. It doesn’t. It means working smarter and less." Pino Kyri, Asociación HEROIKKA. Spain.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful analysis of the last video. I keep working on my pitch videos, increasing trust in my brand and wining prices so I am much better prepared to raise capital. Prerna Pasad, Ecoplore. India.

Alicia asked me questions and mentored me along the way to help me understand where my story was strong and where it needed improvements so I could adjust my application and pitch accordingly. Marwa Nur Muhammad, Trance. California.

Great course to learn about the different level of financing a business. Brenda Sullivan, Thompson Street Farm LLC. Colorado.

I got my first wow at the start of the program: “How to think” have given me the most awesome self-reflection points to implement not only in my business, but in my life.
Monika Siriah, Vedglobals. India.

I can’t thank you enough. For the first time, I can have a proper conversation with an investor, and talk about my valuation and deal terms clearly. I have never been able to do so before, no wonder I haven’t been able to close a deal in over a year. Cristina Suarez, Mi Plaza. Spain

Alicia brings a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek her out.” Tracey Hodgkins, CEO, Australian Experiential Learning Centre, Australia

The attention accorded to each individual application is special. Margaret Reuben. Nairobi, Kenya

Alicia's commitment to getting other women funded for their startups and projects is unlike anything else you'll find in the startup sisterhood. She's passionate, committed, focused. She also is deeply supportive and encouraging. Her program looks to be a wonderful way to engage with her personally in a way that picks up where her books leave off. Stop wasting time and get going. She'll take you by the hand and show you how. Bravo! Barbara Tien, PongaCalifornia.

Alicia is a phenomenal speaker & advisor. One 10 minute conversation with her made the 6 hours in traffic totally worth the drive. Jody Bagno-Dill, Jazz Business Consulting. California.

Our sessions are fun, inspiring and profound at the same time You can feel the exciting impact on your project since the first moment. Yarmila Duran, Ecología Organizacional. Florida.

Alicia is an incredibly engaging speaker, she is able to share compelling data based on real-life experience and/or research.  She has a vast depth of experience as an entrepreneur, an engineer, and an investor. Judy Mahan. Cal Poly CIE SBCD Director. San Luis Obispo, California.

Alicia is an awesome and refreshing source of knowledge, and her enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to our next workshop. Mariela Beuses, Leader, SP-coaches. Florida.

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