Women Get Funded, when they know HOW
The most common mistake I see in women seeking funding is to consider funding as a series of unconnected events.  (Actually that is no different for men)

It is NOT LUCK...  

Or effort, or hard work, or connections.

To establish and grow any organization you need Funding. And you need to be PROFESSIONAL about it.

"The Biggest Challenge Women face when raising capital is not discrimination, it is their ignorance about Funding"

That is why I created this guide about crafting a funding strategy... because Funding is a process, not a series of unconnected events.

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For Women Ambitioneurs, ready to tackle funding Professionally ...

A unique program that combines street smarts with academic rigor so you can:

1. Develop an actionable plan:

  • Think, act, and talk to get funded
  • Make funding needs disappear without reducing the value of ownership
  • Leverage on the power of family, friends, crowds, and sponsors
  • Create irresistible propositions for partnerships
  • Impress angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Use lenders and other people’s money to expand your impact
  • Feel energized and in control of the funding process
  • Use any combination of 30+ funding options

2.     Avoid giving up too much of your company to investors who don’t share your values.

3.     Have funds to pay yourself, your employees and your suppliers, what you are worth.

4.     Increase your impact; become a leader in your industry, and a role model for others.

5.     Become a business owner, and reap the rewards of your hard work in the future.

Developed for Women by Women

I know what it is to be a woman raising funds, I also know what the research says, and I know why I don't invest in -some- women.

Tired of the negative narrative about women’s access to capital, and as a living proof that women do get funded, I embarked into this journey to change the numbers in the best way: by lifting the bar for women entrepreneurs.

"I cannot possibly fund all the amazing deals that come through my desk, but I can give you the tools to get funded wherever you are in the world." 

-Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD and Silicon Valley Angel Investor.

If you are starting, growing, or supporting women-led companies, you need to know about funding

Business Owners
Learn Funding to:
 Grow your Business
Hire Talent

Learn Funding to:
Validate your Model
Form a Team

Learn Funding to:
Provide Support
Explore Investing

 Hundreds of Women are Getting Funded

Learn how to think, act, and talk to get funded
to run the company YOU want to run
and EARN the rewards you deserve for YOUR hard work
Over 1500 Participants in 78 Countries

Years of Experience as Investor, Entrepreneur, and Researcher

  • I’m a Silicon Valley Angel Investor and have a PhD in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Western Australia.
  • I’ve raised funds in 5 countries, including Chile’s first seed capital fund in 2000 (and no, I’m not Chilean, I didn’t have a father, husband, brother or son in the industry).
  • I’ve written books about funding and spoken around the world (and I mean it: Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East).
  • I’ve invested in over 20 companies, most of them in Silicon Valley, and I’m a member of Sand Hill Angels.

I loved the lectures, the discussions, the guest speakers, doing the exercises, but what made a HUGE difference was a discovery of the Impostor Syndrome. I got rid of it, and my business skyrocketed.
Fe Bailey - Guaoo Creative Studio - Hawaii

This is a Program for Women, made by Women. We share common interests, opportunities, and challenges, and we can be very open about it. I love our mentoring sessions and the sense of community.
Maica Gil - Heroikka - US/Spain

I fully support this program, it takes the guessing out of the doing, and covers so many ways of funding. I am proud to be amongst the supporters of this program. 
Vanessa Del Acqua - Temperies - Argentina/USA

I always thought I had to get into debt myself, with this program, I learned to use many other ways to get funded, this is a valuable concept in an environment when most entrepreneurs opt to go for pre-seed funding in California.
Update: I've managed to fund my company, and I'm turning a book into a movie!
Conchita Ferri  - Caroami - California

This is the missing piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle, the perfect complement to Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Startup books. It’s quite refreshing because quite often you read all about how someone was awesome and their ‘glory days’ type stories rather than ‘I made a mistake once, here’s what you can do to avoid it in case you’re making that same mistake too’.

Angela Han - SharpGrowth - Australia

Evaluar las necesidades de financiamiento para mis próximos seis meses y reducir mis costos por etapas, me ayudó a generar una mejor planificación.
"I was able to create an actionable plan in stages. The coaching sessions and support from all over the world is priceless"
Yurani Sandoval - Single Parent Power - Washington, DC
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Finance executive - US and China. Large MNC to NASDAQ. M&A transactions, fund raising, full cycle of finance operation.  e-commerce, Enterprise Software, Consumer Electronics, and Venture Capital.
Sony Ericsson
Ethnographer, engineer, intrapreneur: healthcare and semiconductor industries.
User-centered design of enterprise and consumer IT products and services.
 Hardware system integrator, power system design engineer, Mac engineering. Real Estate Investor.
Renesas Electronics 
Marvell Semiconductor
Brand strategy, product positioning, marketing and communication strategist, investor relations, crisis/reputation management.
LSI Corporation
 Synaptics Inc
 Cypress Semiconductor
Radio hardware and software prototypes. Technology, product building, developing partnerships, scaling systems, and forming diverse teams.

Abha Singhvi
Hands-on executive, operations specialist. Lead development, building client relationship, negotiation and closing deals. Experienced in hiring, training and developing talent. diverse teams.
Santa Clara University

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