Women Get Funded When They Know How

We had a great 2018! Join us in 2019 to get FUNDED

Join the hundreds of women who know how to get funded.

We cover over 25 ways to fund your company. Whether it is for validation or growth, the best way to manage a company is have enough resources so it can thrive.

No matter how big or small your company is, we’ll show you how to understand the needs of decision-makers who can provide the capital or resources you need.

When you are not prepared, not only you don’t get funded, you ruin your reputation, waste investors, supporters, or lenders’ time, and doubt the value of your company and your leadership. 

Small Business Owner

From Business Slave to Business Owner

  • Grow Your Business
  • Hire Talent


From Dreamer to Doer

  • Set the Foundation
  • Get the Resources


From Unaware to Master

  • Expand Your Vision
  • Find the Perfect Funding

Real Life Classroom In the Intimacy Of Your Space

Created exclusively with women's time constrains in mind. Every session is split in manageable pieces of information, stimulating exercises, and an assertive, drive approach. 2-3 hours per week on your learning style: mini videos, Q&A, simulations, podcasts, group work, written documents, templates.

Best Training Programme for Women

Learn how to master your funding process, so you are excited and energized whilst getting the resources you need.

About the Programme

Seeking funds is a very stressful process. With all the negative narrative about how difficult it is for women to get funded. We begin the program establishing a solid foundation of confidence and competence, so the process is more enjoyable and does not disempower women.

Lesson 1: Think and act to get funded

Lesson 2: Talk language of funding

This type of funding is called ‘bootstrapping’ in academic research. It makes funding needs disappear and is fairly common in startups. In the particular case of women, using unfunding can lead to a lower ‘book’ value of the equity, so it needs to be used wisely.

Lesson 3. Reduce cash flow gap without compromising on quality or value

Lesson 4: Use the power of crowds

This type of funding expects rewards but does not require a collateral and is more flexible than debt funding. These funders will share some of the risk and rewards of the company, and expect unique forms of rewards.

Lesson 5: Manage the initial tribe: founders, family, friends

Lesson 6: Invite small investors: angels and cashcowers

Lesson 7: Reach the Olympics of funding: venture capitalists

Leveraged funding involves backing up funds with some form of collateral or insurance, and with supported future cash flow. Debt has very strict and specific criteria that involve a careful combination of collateral, cash flow, and risks.

Lesson 8: Use the many forms of debt to leverage your cash needs.

The value is in the execution. Learn how everything you learn in negotiation goes against negotiation for funding. Manage the feedback gap (women receive less valuable feedback than men) through establishing a tunnel of trust and creating a virtuous circle.

Lesson 9: Define, support, and negotiate your company’s value.

Bonus Lesson: Integrate the program into a funding process.

women entrepreneurs funding program
 Silver LevelGold LevelPlatinum Level
An Extraordinary Value$2,181 for $499$3,232 for $1,399$5,577 for $2,399
Class Videos and Lecturers$500$500$500
Guides and Written Materials$337$337$337
Forms and Calculations$390$390$390
Group Coaching Session$180$180$180
Individual Coaching Sessionsno$350 (1)$1,045 (3)
Pitch Reviewno$700$700
Professional Video, Coaching and Critiquenono$1,650 (3 hrs)
Questions and AnswersPricelessPricelessPriceless
Network with Angel InvestorsPricelessPricelessPriceless
Women Get Funded Special Price$499$1,399$2,399
We had a great 2018. Join us on 2019. Happy Holidays!


“This is the missing piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle, the perfect complement to Steve Blank and Eric Ries’ Startup books. It’s quite refreshing because quite often you read all about how someone was awesome and their ‘glory days’ type stories rather than ‘I made a mistake once, here’s what you can do to avoid it in case you’re making that same mistake too’. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.”

Angela Han, AustraliaMarketing Titans

“Alicia is a phenomenal speaker & advisor. One 10 minute conversation with her made the 6 hours in traffic totally worth the drive.”

Jody Bagno-Dill, California, USAJazz Business Consulting

“Our sessions are fun, inspiring and profound at the same time You can feel the exciting impact on your project since the first moment.”

Yarmila Duran, Florida, USAEcología Organizacional

“Alicia is an incredibly engaging speaker, she is able to share compelling data based on real-life experience and/or research. She has a vast depth of experience as an entrepreneur, an engineer, and an investor. ”

Judy Mahan, California, USACal Poly CIE SBCD Director

“Great course to learn about the different level of financing a business.”

Brenda Sullivan, Colorado, USAThompson Street Farm LLC

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