Together, we are changing the narrative about women's access to capital,
from victims of discrimination to actresses of destiny
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The Affiliate Program

One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses and startups, especially those owned by women, is access to capital.

If you serve women entrepreneurs, whether they have a startup or an established small company, you know how difficult it is for them to struggle for funds and resources.  You also know that they can thrive if they get funded.

When women-led companies get funded everyone benefits:
  • They can offer better products and services,
  • They can pay their employees higher salaries, and better packages,
  • They have funds to improve processes and be more efficient,
  • They can invest in innovation and test new things, and
  • They can remunerate their suppliers accordingly and increase their purchases
  • Their risk is much lower and the owners are much more satisfied.

but there is more!
You, as supplier, benefit from "collateral benefit"  by
having them as your clients, and
bragging about their successes. 
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We serve three types of women

Owners of companies less than 3 yrs old that have already self-funded them, and need to VALIDATE their product and/or market. 

Small Businesses
Owners of stablished companies that need funds to GROW their companies by adding new clients, new products or new regions.

Professionals that want to support women-led companies and need to understand how to fund them.

And we also serve our Affiliates
"If you want to go fast, go solo, if you want to go far, go with others" Arab proverb
We are masters of funding. We've been doing this for several years, and we are active investors, so we know what is working on OUR side of the equation.

We blend academic rigor with real-life current experience.

Your clients will learn from the BEST! and will have access to mentors from Silicon Valley who do this all the time!
Our system is completely independent, managed by Ontraport, and we have a ton of materials: images, emails, tweets, videos.

We have a working funnel, and you can track your results at any time on your unique portal, at any time.

We never push a sale, we add value in all our interactions, and you can test that too. 
We are starting our affiliate program and therefore we have a dedicated person whose ONLY goal is to make sure this works for the three of us: you, your clients, and us.

Her name is Jacqueline Steenhuis and her email is
How does it WORK?
We have a ROBUST affiliate system managed through Ontraport's cookies. You can track how people respond to your links. In our experience it takes 4-6 weeks for a person to decide to purchase our main training program. But the system stays forever, so if a person needs more time, you will get that commission when they are ready. We do NOT push a sale.

Our affiliates have access to a private membership-base page that includes all of the marketing materials: images, tweets, emails, short emails. We also send a quarterly update with new offers.  You can also invite your customers (or friends) to our webinars, firechats, and open-public events ON OUR PAGE.  The cookie does not work on youtube or facebook, so please direct your customers to our web.

We set up two major events per year: International Women's Day, and Entrepreneurial Week. We also have a monthly firechat, and we have our webinars.  All of these interactions contribute to generating trust and understanding that we sell a TRAINING PROGRAM, we DO NOT PROVIDE FUNDS. This is a very key distinction.

Our participants shake out the victimization of women and their access to capital, and master their funding process, which is a pretty cool thing. In a nutshell, we give control to women about their funding process. (and men? we have an upcoming program for that too).
Ready to Start?
Fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 2-3 business days, or you can always contact Jacqueline directly at
Join us and benefit also from the 800+ daily visitors to our web, like the supporters you see below.
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