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"Celebrate the start of something great!"
​​​​​​​Ann Garnier.
Lisa Health is a woman’s pocket guide to midlife well-being and being her very best self every day. Join Lisa and start your journey to boost your midlife well-being, conquer menopause symptoms, or a little bit of both.
Valeria Cole
At TEADORA, we share our Brazilian ancestral secrets in a plant-based skin and hair care collection crafted from wildly potent blends of sustainably harvested rainforest superfood actives that revitalize and replenish you, your skin and the rainforest.

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"Our mission is Supporting Women who need Support"  Sandra Mimram Smith

​​​​​​​Under sleepwear with support, fits 30C-38H.  Free Shipping

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"Indian by heart... Global in spirit" 
Monika Siriah
Agro Products
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"Look and feel great in your body"  Kat Kuan
As a personal stylist, I educate clients in finding the right clothing that fits their body well and empowers them to feel confident in both work and personal life settings.
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styling package
"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible" 
​​​​​​​Aliza Sherman
Educational Cannabis Wellness Resources & Events.
"You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will"
Sezer Sairoz

"Be your own kind of beautiful"
​​​​​​​Elisha Marie
Offering customized skincare and beauty services as well as clinical skincare products that transform your skin. 
"Your comfort is our priority"
​​​​​​​Amy Buckalter
Pulse's self-care products are made by women for women; healthy, natural, and luxurious.
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​​​​​​​all Pulse Pods

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"Don't just talk about it. Do the f'in work!" Jodi Lasky
We enable users to de-escalate and end situations before they go bad by using technology to get a perfectly timed phone call.
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"Hiding Study Time In Plain Sight!"
Dara Lopata

Study guides for high school and college courses in the form of a placemat.
"Nothing is impossible as long as you have Perseverance, Hustle and Hunger
​​​​​​​Navneet Kaur
Personalised Skincare made with love in Switzerland, because Happy Skin is Happy You.
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"Aim for the moon" Shelly Gupta
GiftVolo enables busy people to send digital gift vouchers for thoughtful, curated, everyday services from local merchants in 3 clicks.
Monica Kang
Creativity card games and problem-solving games for team development and unlocking your mind.
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"Keeping Hot Women Cool"
Renee Hanson
Instant Cooling Scarf for Hot Women
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      3 cooling scarves
"Never stop talking, never stop acting" 
Sara Perry
Box of Life sends food and medicines to ease the Venezuelan Humanitarian Crisis.  Get informed, talk, share, donate. Every penny counts, every word counts. We are not dead yet.
"You never get the things you don't ask for" 
Stefania Taic
The largest database of "No-Fee" apartments in NYC, allowing renters to directly bypass the broker and all associated up front fees"
Natalia Lumen
Experience Ukraine and its culture through a self-guided tour.
"Transform your lunch packing experience with Teuko!"
​​​​​​​Jessica Gury
Teuko empowers families packing lunch by boosting their inspiration and their motivation, one lunchbox at a time!
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"No means: Next Opportunity"
Colette Courtion
Fit home-use intimate wellness device.
Sau Noddings
Custom, handmade shoes for the unstoppable woman.
"Je ne regrette rien" Heleen Devos
Kids fashion.
Rowena Scherer
Food & culture explorer box to inspire families to cook, taste and discover world cuisine and culture.
"Everyone deserves to live a meaningful and balanced life"  
Annabella Peng
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp trainnigs for Generation Z (13-24).
"Live sustainably" 
Chakrasthitha Ravichandra
We are a volunteer collective of individual eco-warriors and eco-retailers passionate about changing the menstrual hygiene landscape in India.
Ayana Fashions
"Life is about being positive, moving forward and working in harmony with other women"
Madhu Kochhar
High Fashion Indian Tunics
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madhusethi715 @ gmail.com

"I Will What I Want" Hanna Bartman
Gym-to-office handbags and sports accessories.
Yurani Sandoval
The only one-stop-shop bilingual, diverse and inclusive community for single parents in the greater DC area.
"Working for women artisans" 
Protima Chakraborty
Exclusive Handmade home decor/ Natural bags.
Margaret Ruben
Stone & Brick Telco Shops give you value for your money. Fast and efficient services without extra cost. 
Mobile money transfer is the quickest way to convey amounts of cash without hustle.
Marie Josée Uwingabire 
Fruits and Vegetables.
Taria Avery
Philadelphia area’s premier pet grooming company.
"Try to till achievement" 
Sunita Chandel
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