Together, we are changing the narrative about women's access to capital,
from victims of discrimination to actresses of destiny
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Benefits of Sponsorship

1. Gain early access to women entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers who are hungry for growth.
Promote your services to a large audience of participants, partners and advertising audience. Offer fellowships, prizes, discounts to our audience.

2. Change the narrative from victims of discrimination to actresses of destiny.
Support personal and professional development for women entrepreneurs, and managers, and influence your company’s internal dialog through women’s empowerment.

3. Provide opportunities for growth to your existing or potential customers.
Increase your value proposition by offering fellowships to the program to your current or potential customers.

4. Engage your leaders as change makers.
Present opportunities for leadership development by offering mentoring, participation in judging panels, scholarship selection committees, and other ways to influence the female business ecosystem.

5. Gain visibility for your brand.
Increase your visibility in a positive pro-inclusion professional development program, through our website, social and digital marketing campaigns including e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels.

6. Showcase your corporate support for diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Participate in the shift of narrative by supporting and disseminating high-impact programs for women entrepreneurs and business leaders.
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We serve three types of women

Owners of companies less than 3 yrs old that have already self-funded them, and need to VALIDATE their product and/or market. 

Small Businesses
Owners of stablished companies that need funds to GROW their companies by adding new clients, new products or new regions.

Professionals that want to support women-led companies and need to understand how to fund them.

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Great Visibility
25K web views and 750K FB views per month
"Globaltech Bridge have been helping  startups and small and medium size companies in their innovation and global expansion plans for more than 10 years,  and we have found two clear facts:

  • Lack of funding is one of the main reasons why small companies don’t grow, and 
  • We see very few companies that are founded or cofounded by women. 

As a female serial entrepreneur, who raised funding and created a large company in a developing country,  I am pretty sure that many women like me can do it, should they had the knowledge and the opportunity to do so.

This is why Globaltech decided to sponsor Women get Funded:  A program with a unique integrated view, that gets the power back to the entrepreneurs, and teaches several ways of funding and best practices, as well as how to overcome the obstacles of getting funding, and motivating women to do it. Led by Alicia Castillo Holley, a successful entrepreneur herself and an active investor in Silicon Valley, the most competitive  place in the world."

- Constanza Nieto, Founder Global Tech Bridge and GaussSoft in the US, BBvA Horizonte in Colombia, AFP prevision in Bolivia and AFP prevision in El Salvador.
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